"And He is with you wherever you are."

Surah Al-Hadid (57:4)


When you feel like you’re losing your mind, simply begin reciting “Lâ hawla wa lâ quwwata illâ bi Allâh,” meaning “There is no power/strength except through Allâh.”

It’s been reported that this phrase is “a remedy for 99 ailments, of which the least is sorrow.”

May Allah grant us all peace and tranquility, and give us good in this world and the Next.


The lost of a child is universal…

Mike Brown Sr. at his sons funeral. Mike Brown Sr.’s son was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, St. Louis, Missouri. 
Father of one of the four young boys who was killed by an Israeli strike in Gaza. The boys, all cousins and all under the age of 12, had been playing on the beach when the attack happen.

The Five Stages of Grieving a Fictional Character



1. Denial
2. Denial
3. Denial
4. Denial



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The day my sister got back from the hospital after a suicide attempt. I didnt let go for about an hour. Kid just found out his brother was shot and killed. A Russian war veteran kneels beside the tank he spent the war in, now a monument. Man sobbing at animal shelter. After being jailed briefly and his dog Buzz Lightyear impounded he couldn’t afford the $400 to get his pet back. A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that burned across Victoria, Australia, in 2009. Alcoholic father with his son Robert Peraza pauses at his son’s name on the 9/11 Memorial during the tenth anniversary ceremonies at the site of the World Trade Center. Greg Cook hugs his dog Coco after finding her inside his destroyed home in Alabama following the Tornado in March, 2012 After two double lung transplants and years of battling cystic fibrosis, my good friend passed away last Saturday. This was one of the last pics taken with his mother.


one thing i never do is write a rough draft it’s all or nothing go big or go home


If you find it hard waking up for Fajr salah then recite Sūrat al-Ikhlās (Qul huwa Allāhu ahad) 3 times and then hold a clear intention of waking up in your heart. An angel will be appointed by Allāh (Subhānahu wa ta’āla) who will wake you up just before Fajr salah. I’ve tried it many times and it has worked all the time. Subhan’Allāh.

Happy Birthday baby girl, best friend of life! My rock! I love youu! May Allah continue to guide and bless you! Ameen We have to turn up later💃💃💃💃
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